Kingspan Timber Solutions specialises in high-quality timber-frame and SIPs (structural insulated panel) build systems. We also provide comprehensive, professional support for those who already have a design and have been granted planning permission. Our help doesn’t just end once your superstructure is up, either; we offer a Weathertight Package to take your build to a secure stage under one point of responsibility.

We work with first-draft design and planning drawings, provided by self builders, to provide a free quotation. From here, we will design one of our leading build systems to fit the exact dimensions and specifications of your design.

We offer timber-frame and structural insulated panel (SIPs) build systems. Our timber-frame offering, Kingspan ULTIMA, has just received BBA certification in recognition of its excellent performance. Our SIPs offering, Kingspan TEK, operates so efficiently that it can achieve Passivhaus levels of thermal performance. Both of these systems are manufactured in our quality-controlled factory and powered by Kingspan Kooltherm, a market-leading insulation to help them reach the highest levels of thermal performance.