Potton has been at the forefront of the self-build industry for over 50 years. In that time, we’ve designed and built thousands of high-quality homes for self builders keen to create a property tailored to their exact lifestyle, budget and plot. Our expert team of architects, designers and planning consultants are on hand to help you achieve your dream house, helping to design, get planning permission for, and ultimately build your new home.

We have a number of design services that can be adjusted to suit your requirements. From those who aren’t sure where to start, to the people who know exactly what they want, and everyone in between, Potton can cater to all of you. We have show homes and Ideas Books for those who might need a bit of inspiration, and a fully bespoke service for those who want a home that’s truly unique. Whatever your preference, our expert architectural teams can help you.

Our flexibility isn’t only limited to the design phase of your project. You also have options for the materials that will make up your Potton home. We offer timber-frame and structural insulated panel (SIPs) build systems which we’ll design specifically to fit your design. They’re engineered in our factory to the highest levels of quality and can deliver excellent thermal efficiency alongside extremely high levels of airtightness. This means you’ll have a cosy home that’s efficient and cost effective to run.