Best overall marketing campaign

Creativity, messaging and engagement. (Which marketing techniques have you use to promote the show? How successful have they been?)


Most innovative marketing campaign

Innovative creativity and measurable results (we're looking for campaigns that break the mold with original and attention-grabbing ideas and the tangible impact of your innovation through results).


Most creative campaign 

What is different about your campaign compared to other exhibitors? (Tell us what makes you stand out. Are your materials such as leaflets, social posts, etc unique? Show us!)


Best use of overall social media 

Regular social posts across multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. Have you run any paid campaigns on these platforms? Show your results through your engagement stats.)


Best overall online campaign 

Are you promoting the show on your website, social media and through emails? (How many registrations have you received using your online ticket link? Show us your stats from social, website and email).


Best offline campaign

Is traditional marketing more your style? (How many physical tickets are you sending out? How are you offering these out to clients? Are you using out free posters in the workplace and at other events? Share your methods).


Best email campaign

This award will go to the campaign that showcases clear and engaging content sent via email. (We want to see emails that present success through clicks, engagement and registrations).


Best showroom campaign 

The best showroom campaign will go to the campaign that uses POS or material to capture the attention of visitors in a show room environment. (We're looking for creativity that seamlessly guides people towards conversion).